My world turned upside down one evening as I pondered what my “why?” is in life. Was I content living in Los Angeles with a good job, benefits and a place to call home? What was I yearning for? What was my spirit calling me to do? Why this sudden sense of restlessness and desire for change? Why now? My plans to travel were meant for the following year and yet here I was soul searching for something more than just another adventure. My soul was seeking LIGHT.

This is where my story begins, at 34 I found myself wanting to re-invent “ME” and start living for me. My decision to pursue my Masters and leave the country, all transpired within 2 months time. It was a ballsy decision and one that I knew was the BEST thing I could do for myself. Sometimes you have to fight the currant and weed out the noise that pulls you back. All signals were pointing to Bologna, the oldest University in the Western World.

3 months later, I’ve been inspired to write my story.

If you’re wondering why “Latina Contessa”-It’s Me. Proud to be that passionate Latina living in Italy, “Contessa” simply speaks truth to my being.